Sunday, April 20, 2008

News News and Such :)

Well, as most of you are well aware by now, Aaron and I are officially 9 weeks pregnant. We debated whether to tell or wait for some time, and finally decided to wait. After an interesting doctor's appointment last week, we decided it was time to tell and get some prayer support. So several of our closest know. It appeared on an ultrasound that I had a very small patch of bleeding on the wall of my uterus, very common apparently, in pregnant women at this point in pregnancy. The only concern would be if this area got any larger. After viewing another ultrasound it was found that the spot had, indeed, gotten slightly larger. The ultrasound tech didn't seem very concerned, but the doctor, taking no chances, gave me some restiction and scheduled another ultrasound in three weeks to check for the spot again. If you all could, you could pray for this spot to go away... this, of course is best case scenario and would imply that everything is fine. If the spots larger, there will be more tests to figure out what is happening in there. Our doctor's appointment is May 9th for this ultrasound. I'm also RH-, which just basically means that I have to get shots to keep my body from forming antibodies that could fight off red blood cells in future pregnancies.
This all actually came as news to me, as the pregnancy, thus far, has been really easy. I don't "feel" pregnant besides a little bit of fatigue and my face being broken out. I've had very little naseousness, which is always fixed by some crackers, and really don't know that I would even "know" I was pregnant other than the obvious reasons. As for the baby, the baby appears to be growing at schedule and the heartbeat is really strong. We're really excited.
God's already shown Himself through this pregnancy, a good thing and great learning experience. After I left the doctor's office the last time with all of the "news" I was a little discouraged. I was already conscious of the possibility of miscarrying, and this just moved that consciousness over to the worry side. It was the day after that I realizedd that nothing I can do, or Aaron can do, or the doctors can do, can protect this baby. (from this particular thing they are concerned may be wrong). I then realized, that even if the babies fine this time that there will be numerous times in this child's life in which I, nor Aaron, nor doctors, will be able to protect this child. The risk doesn't stop on the otherside of childbirth. But even though I, nor Aaron, nor doctors can help and protect that child, God can. And that child is His anyway. And if He decides it's time for that baby to go home, then it's time for that baby to go home. God knows that baby more than I do, scripture says He is knitting that baby together in my womb, and He already knows it... He knows it's gender, name, and all the days of it's life, right now. And you know, I can't spend my whole life worrying about the times I can't protect this little blessing, and I need to let God do it. He loves that child more than I do, more than Aaron does, and more than we ever can... You know, some people wait until months after their babies are born to do their baby dedications. But for me it happened before the first trimester is over. I'm already well aware that this baby isn't mine. God is just giving Aaron and I the privelage and responsibility to raise it up in a Godly household for however long He permits us to do so.
So anyway... that's my soapbox... thanks for reading :)