Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Love Dare

So we watched "Fireproof" at the church the other night. I thought it was pretty amazing. I think it put marriage in it's place, as a top priority in our lives... reminding us that marriage isn't just something you sit through and let happen, but rather, something that you contribute to and actively participate in. When you begin to get passive, inactive, then the marriage grows stale. It was a great reminder to me to keep loving my husband everyday... to make an effort to display that love consciously, and to love actively every day.
As I was thinking about it I realized, this is of utmost importance in our marriages, but also in all of the other relationships in our lives. I'm going to be making much more of an effort in my relationships to love and accept love from others. What a great lesson to learn. I'm still trying to woo my husband like I did when we were dating... and you know, that excites me :)