Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Prayer Request

Well, I'm looking to increase my blog followers. I figure, what is the point of writin' if no one is readin'? (Like the grammar? I thought so. :) So, I'm still trying to blog more often. So here is today's:
It's a prayer request. (Don't you love it, I invite you along, take some of your precious time and then ask you to give me more of it ;) I hopefully have a job interview coming up. I've submitted my resume as a Classroom Coordinator for a grant-funded Abstinence program for schools. I don't know all of the details so to speak, but I know that I have to be detail oriented, organized, have experience with youth, a BS, and feel comfortable public speaking. I figure I qualify, and given my history, am a very strong candidate for the position. As far as zeal goes, I'm over the top. I'm not sure what they are looking for... but I'm excited for the opportunity (if so given the chance) and have a lot of great ideas of things to say and ways to encourage students to practice abstinence.
So, my plea is that you'd join with me in praying about this. I'm a little nervous about it anyway, as I had originally planned to go back to work part time so that I could really parent -B- the way I want to, so part of my prayer is that God would absolutely shut this door if He feels it would be better for me to be home with him at least some of the time. Some parents feel as if both parents working full time is wrong and irresponsible parenting... my prayer is that if God wants me home with B, then He'll keep me home with B. This position looked too much like "me" not to send in my resume.
SO - long story short, I sent in my resume and received word back that I should hear from Family Advocacy Services during the week of August 24th to set up an interview and the position starts the middle of September.
Pray for strength, courage, God's will, and no stammering if I get the interview :)
I'll keep you posted!
love ya'll


Shelly said...

OOoooo yea!!! I wondered what came of that! Yes I agree some people have issues with working moms but I'm not one of them, obviously. I truely believe that God gave me the job that I am in now and if it is to be for you, He will do the same. I will be praying for you!

Jen said...

That sounds really neat. My pastor is a teacher at a Christian school, and he had some training from a program that sounds similar. From what I remember, it was going into public schools too.
His will be done. :)