Friday, October 30, 2009

A Huge Vent

I am tired... exhausted even... nope, I don't even know if that covers it. I've been working a lot lately, subbing that is, and was finally feeling like I was helping contribute to our finances some, Bryton was doing well at the sitter's house, etc. Then, apparently I bring home something more than just finances... some kind of bug... I think it's the flu. Of course, you pay a copay to go to the dr... sit there forever, and they write you a prescription for an antibiotic... gee thanks. So, I've been more ill this week than I have been in a long time. I stayed in bed all day (minus my dr appointment) on Wednesday... Thursday was not enjoyable, and I'm finally feeling like I may be on the other end of this. Bryton has been at the sitter's everyday (there goes those finances), and Aaron's been trying to play breadwinner and dad.
Well, Aaron comes home last night with a fever and a headache, has thrown up 3 times today, and can't beat the headache. (Exactly how mine started off.) My mom was taking Bryton for the weekend (currently the only one NOT sick), but she couldn't get him to nap, so he was there from 10:30 - 4 and she sent him home... so now I'm playing super mom, except my super powers are gone. I don't have the energy to play with him like I should, or the patience... laundry needs to be done... badly, I need to get grocieries, and I don't even feel like getting off the couch. On top of it all, the "mom instinct" in me says, "CLEAN, ALICIA, CLEAN" because I don't want Bryton getting whatever it is that we have (I still say flu), but where is the energy to do that... ugh.
Not to mention this all happens when we should be celebrating his birthday. Ugh, it is so... aggravating, frustrating, irritating... ugh
I swear, if Adam and Eve wouldn't have messed it all up (we would have eventually I'm sure), but I'm guessing there'd be no sickness... thanks a lot sin...

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emery1219 said...

i didn't know you got it from subbing! i have to say, i have NEVER been more sick than my first year subbing. another teacher said it would get better, and it did, but man your immune system takes a beating when you sub a lot!!