Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unfiltered Blogging

God has an interesting way of stretching us and pulling us and molding us more and more into his image. As Christians, honest Christians, it's fair to say that sometimes life gets rough, confusing, there are questions, there's hurt, and for any of you who know me, I love to write. Writing is the outlet by which I figure out myself. Writing is the outlet by which I discover who I am and how I feel. But as a writer, I can't imagine writing without reading, which is why you're here, I hope.
Feeling as if there's a deeper, more intimate self inside, a person I'm not willing to open up to just anyone, I've begun a new blog, a blog here, and you've been given this address, because I value your opinion, your comments, your prayers. Most of all, I trust you, I know you know me. You know who I am, my imperfections and strengths, and you love me despite both. So, this is kind of the beginning. This is the beginning of a deeper expressed self, and I consider it an honor to have you reading this right now. Please keep checking back, I plan on writing often.


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